Wally Dolly (4 Meter Track & Dolly)

Hire Price Per Day: £50 + VAT
Hire Price Per Week: £200 + VAT

The Wally Dolly with Low Boy mount allows you to create smooth tracking shots on hard surfaces, with no bumps or knocks with minimum track noise. The T-Section tripod has a payload of up to 80lbs of kit, so you can use anything from compact camcorders to full size ENG cinematography cameras. The T-Shaped dolly is mounted to the tripod in place of a ground spreader, so the legs are secure. The centre of the tripod is then closer to one side of the track.

The Wally Dolly comes complete with a 4 metre track system. This unique track system is made of aluminium and each section simply screws together by Acetal male and female plugs to form a SEAMLESS JOINT.

The kit is simple to use, with only a few parts to assemble. It can be used on earth, sand, grass, indoor flooring, concrete, coblestones and more, meaning you can get the perfect shot wherever you are.

The Wally Dolly has become the de-facto standard for portable dolly and track requirements in the broadcasting industry.

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Included in Kit

1x Wally Dolly Kit 4 Meters Of Straight Track
(Includes 4x 1 Meter Of Straight Track, T Bar Dolly, Low Boy)
(Tripod Not Included)


Length Of Track
4x 1m of straight track

up to 36.3kg (80lbs)