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The two ways of hiring from us are either an account booking through a company or an individual booking as a freelancer. So how does it work?

Company Bookings

If you are hiring through or on behalf of a company, we would require an email from your company email address, or from someone working at the company to confirm that they are happy for the hire to be booked through them. This is to validate that the company is happy for you hire on their behalf. In doing so the company accepts responsibility for the kit hired if it lost, stolen, broken or damaged. Once we receive an email we will then run a credit check on the company. Depending upon the company’s credit score we may ask for proof of insurance (for hired in equipment) and deposit covering the value of the kit hired.

Freelance Bookings

If you are a freelancer looking to hire from us then we will require a holding deposit. The amount of this deposit will vary depending the kit that is hired form us. In addition to this we may also ask to see three forms of identification, trade references, insurance and proof of address. Once you have hired from us we may not require your identification and trade references on the next hire.

insurance cover

We don’t provide insurance cover but if you require insurance cover (for hired in equipment) this can be obtained from clicking the button.

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