Soundcraft SX Spirit Mixer (12 Microphone Inputs)

Hire Price Per Day: £25 + VAT
Hire Price Per Week: £75 + VAT

Soundcraft Spirit SX is a flexible 4-bus mixer capable of producing sound quality for both live and recording applications. It includes 20 inputs as standard and 18 outputs (including Auxs and Direct Outs). In addition to mix outs, two sub-buses allow groups of instruments to be sent to multitrack, to additional speakers, or sub-grouped to mix. There are also four stereo inputs for keyboards or other stereo instruments. SX’s 8 Direct Outs are fader pre/post switchable so they are equally useful for recording in the studio or at a gig.

12 mic/line inputs are equipped with Soundcraft’s UltraMic™ preamp giving a full 60dB or gain range and 22dBu of headroom, meaning that the SX input stage can handle any mic or line device. In the EQ section, the classic British 3-band EQ with swept mid benefits for custom designed pots that give greater control across carefully chosen frequencies. There are 2 auxiliary sends, 2 of which can be assigned pre- or post-fader making them equally useful for monitor-heavy live mixes or effects-heavy recording. In addition, there is a separate Mono Output and 2 subgroup outputs.

Soundcraft SX Spirit Sound Mixer Hire London
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Included in Kit

1x Soundcraft Spirit SX Mixer
Mains Adapter


20x inputs as standard
12x Microphone Inputs
4x stereo inputs

18x outputs including aux and direct outputs
12x mono channels with high quality UltraMic™ pre-amps
4-bus architecture, with sub-group routable to mix
Direct outputs can be switched globally pre- or post-fade

On all mono channels

3-bands ‘British’ EQ with swept mid-band
Stereo 18dB/octave 100Hz high-pass filter to cut stage rumble

Other Specs
+48V phantom power
Channel On switch for mute control
Two sub-group outputs
Separate mono sum output
Impedance balanced outputs