Lensbaby Muse Canon EF Mount

Hire Price Per Day: £10 + VAT
Hire Price Per Week: £30 + VAT

The Lensbaby Muse is a lens that will add a unique perspective to the world of SLR photography. The Lensbaby is a hybrid between a bellows camera and a tilt-shift camera. It will bring one area of a photo into sharp focus, surrounded by gradually increasing blur. The lens can be compressed, extended, and/or bent off-center in any direction for different results.

Focus by squeezing the focusing collar with your fingertips. Move the Sweet Spot of focus around the picture by bending the lens in any direction. To change your aperture, simply touch the tip of your Aperture Removal Tool to the aperture disk and lift it out. Then drop a new aperture disk into the lens. The disk will float above the optic in a shielded magnetic field.

Lensbaby Muse Canon EF Mount Hire London

Included in Kit

1x Lensbaby Muse Canon EF Mount


Lens Mount
Canon EF

F Stop Range
2, 2.8, 4, 5.6 & 8

Focal Length

Minimum Focal Distance