IDS Plus Indie Dolly Slider (3ft To 9ft Length)

£90 + VATPer day
£270 + VATPer week

The IDS Slider Plus with 9 feet of track is a compact slider/dolly hybrid system for tabletop and ground level dolly/tracking shots. It supports 50 pounds and features a 100 mm leveling bowl that can also accept heads with a 75 mm ball via an optional 100 to 75 mm reducer. The slider features 8 wheels with sealed precision ball bearings, 4 wheels run on the top of the track rails and 4 run along the side of the rails providing horizontal stability. It includes a built-in brake system to lock the dolly at any position along the track. The slider runs on 1″ diameter rails that are 8″ apart (center to center), and will run along optional curved track from IDS.

The Slider Plus includes 9′ of straight track that comes in three 3′ sections for portability. The track sections feature self-leveling feet, and you can level the track by using shims if necessary. The two included tripod support units allow you to mount the track to tripods with a 100 mm leveling bowl fitting. The system comes with a carrying case that holds the included slider and track.

IDS Plus Indie Dolly Camera Slider Hire London
IDS Plus Indie Dolly Camera Slider Rental London

Included in Kit

1x IDS Plus Indie Dolly Slider System
(Includes IDS Dolly With A 100mm Bowl, 3x 3ft Straight Tracks, Stand Adapters)
3x Small C-Stands
1x 509 Manfrotto Head
Case & Bag


IDS Dolly with 100mm bowl
3x 3ft Straight Tracks, 9ft maximum length

Tripod Head Minimum Height (With C-Stands Provided)
133cm/1.33m (When Use With Our C-Stands plus 509 head)

Maximum Payload
14Kg when used with Manfrotto 509 head

Maximum Payload
22Kg for slider