IDS Plus Indie Dolly Slider (3ft To 9ft Length)

£90 + VATPer day

The IDS Slider comes with 9 feet of track and is a compact slider/dolly hybrid system.




IDS Plus Indie Dolly Camera Slider Hire Rental London

Included in Kit

1x IDS Plus Indie Dolly Slider System
(Includes IDS Dolly With A 100mm Bowl, 3x 3ft Straight Tracks, Stand Adapters)
3x Small C-Stands
1x 509 Manfrotto Head
Case & Bag


IDS Dolly with 100mm bowl
3x 3ft Straight Tracks, 9ft maximum length

Tripod Head Minimum Height (With C-Stands Provided)
133cm/1.33m (When Use With Our C-Stands plus 509 head)

Maximum Payload
14Kg when used with Manfrotto 509 head

Maximum Payload
22Kg for slider