Cine Rehoused Iscorama Cinegon 1.5X Anamorphic lens

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Cine Converted Iscorama Cinegon 1.5X Anamorphic lens (Van Diemen V2)

The most sought after of all Anamorphic adapters. This is a single focus Anamorphic adapter that screws onto the front of your “taking lens” set your taking lenses focus to infinity and focus with the Iscorama.

We have a number of different taking lenses to suit your project. From super sharp to a more soft & vintage feel.

The Iscorama has its own characteristics; warm organic orange/amber horizontal anamorphic flares, Cinematic Anamorphic oval bokeh, single coating means this lens will flair! However this can be controlled with a Matte Box.

1.5X Squeeze so shooting 16:9 will give you the best results. Your footage will need to be adjusted in post production to get the correct aspect ratio (Information provided on how to achieve this).

Cine Rehoused Iscorama Cinegon 1.5X Anamorphic lens Hire London
Cine Rehoused Iscorama Cinegon 1.5X Anamorphic lens Rental London

Included in Kit

Iscorama Cinegon
Tokina AT-X MC +0.4 Achromatic Diopter 72mm
Century optics Pro Series .8X Wide Angle Converter 72mm
77mm Diopter Set
Peli Case
Front/Rear Lens Caps
Choice of Taking Lenses


Lens Mount
Canon EF, Sony E, Other options available.

Other Specs
*Static front ring with 77mm front thread.
*The back thread diameter is 58mm at a standard pitch of 0.75mm (filter thread).
*The front lens cap diameter is 80mm.
*Once screwed into position the Anamorphic can be aligned and locked.
*Close Focus is 3ft
*72mm/77mm Diopters included for close focus.
*End to end focus rotation is around 234 degrees.
*Support system for 15mm bars Included.
*1/4″ threaded hole for extra support.

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