Beachtek DXA-5Da Balanced Interface For DSLR Cameras

£25 + VATPer day
£75 + VATPer week

The BeachTek DXA-5Da is a two-channel, transformer balanced XLR adapter for attaching external microphones and other audio gear to any DSLR camera that has a built-in mic jack. It can also be used with any camcorder or other audio recording device that has a mic jack. The DXA-5Da uses high quality balancing transformers, which are completely noise free for superb audio.

The DXA-5Da is very easy to set up and use. It allows you to connect a wide variety of audio devices including professional microphones, wireless systems and even take a feed from a house sound system or mixer. The built-in level meters show the input signal strength at a glance while the trim controls allow you to adjust the input level for optimum recording. The headphone jack lets you monitor the audio that is coming out of the adapter.

A unique feature of the DXA-5Da is the ability to control the wild swings of the Auto Gain Control that plague most cameras. This dramatically reduces noise during quiet moments of recording.

The adapter mounts to the bottom of the camera and can also be mounted to any standard tripod.

Included in Kit

1x Beachtek DXA-5Da Balanced Interface For DSLR cameras
1x Mini Jack (3.5mm) To Mini Jack Cable (3.5mm)
9V Battery
(Please Note The XLR Outputs Don’t Provide Phantom Power +48V)


Input Level
MIC setting: -36 dBu ideal
LINE setting: -10 to +4 dBu ideal

Output Level
Nominal MIC levels

Frequency Response
20 Hz – 20000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

Level Meter
Calibrated from -54 dBu to -33 dBu

Two transformer balanced XLR connectors
One unbalanced mini-jack

Unbalanced stereo mini-jack for connection to the camera

Headphone Monitor
Built-in headphone amplifier with volume control
3.5 mm phone jack

Other Specs
Auto Gain Control Disable: Controls wild swings of the AGC in the camera to reduce hiss
Level Meters: Stereo LCD Meter to show input signal strength
Trim Controls: Adjusts signal level on each channel from unity to no output
MIC/LINE Switches: Allows connections of microphones or mixers for versatility


9V battery