ARRI FF-4 Follow Focus

£50 + VATPer day

FF-4 follow focus is an industry workhorse and has already proven itself on countless tough shoots all over the world, so you needn’t worry about it letting you down.




ARRI FF-4 Follow Focus Hire Rental London

Included in Kit

1x ArriFF4 15mm Basic Unit
1x Arri Flexible Shaft Short 300mm
1x Arri Flexible Shaft Long 900mm
1x Arri Whip Knob
1x Arri Focus Handle
1x Arri Extension for Focus Knob
1x Arri Right Side Standard Focus Knob
1x Arri BA-2 19mm Adapter
5x Arri Flat Marking Disks
1x Arri 0.8 35 Tooth Module Gear
1x Arri 0.8 43 Tooth Module Gear
1x Allen Key


Included Drive Gear
0.8 MOD

Rod Compatibility
15 mm & 19mm

Built-In Hardstops

Marking Disk

Switchable Handwheel Speed

11.8 x 3.9 x 3.9″ / 300 x 100 x 100 mm