Aputure AL-MC 4-Light Travel Kit – RGBWW Film Lights (4x LED Lights)

£45 + VATPer day
£180 + VATPer week

The Aputure MC is Aputure’s first RGBWW film light. This light features full HSI colour control and a CCT range of 3200K-6500K, giving you a full range of colour options. On top of that, the built-in magnets and footprint roughly the size of a credit card allow this mini RGB light to fit anywhere you could ever need. The MC also features USB-C PD and Qi wireless charging, so it’s always ready to go. It is also compatible with Aputure’s own Sidus Mesh technology, so you can use the Sidus Link app to unlock all of the light’s capabilities.

The MC is a light that is designed to be ready for any situation, whenever you need it. Offering multiple convenient power options, control methods, and mounting solutions, this fixture is truly the swiss army knife of light.

Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit – RGBWW Film Lights Hire London
Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit – RGBWW Film Lights Rental London

Included in Kit

4x Aputure AL-MC – RGBWW Film Lights
Case & Travel Kit


Colour Temperature:
3200K – 6500K



1100 Lux @ 0.3m
400 Lux @ 0.5m
100 Lux @ 1.0m

Battery Working Time:
2 hours (Maximum Brightness)
> 15 hours (Minimum Brightness)

Battery Recharge Time:
1.5 hours Via USB PD
2.0 hours Via USB DC 5V/2A
3.5 hours Via Wireless Charging

93 x 61 x 17 mm