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Soho Broadcast will be remaining open over the COVID-19 epidemic. We will have reduced opening hours, we will be open from 9am – until 4pm Monday to Friday. We will continue to follow the latest guidance from the government and update our working practices where appropriate.

Sohobroadcast Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Working Policy

As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic Sohobroadcast has implemented the following measures to ensure minimal risk to our clients and their film crews. In order to do this we have taken stringent preventative measures across the board and these will remain in place for the foreseeable future and until further notice is given. The measures that we have implemented will also undergo continuous monitoring and refinement, as when it is needed. All of these measures will be in accordance with the latest guidance from the government.


Sohobroadcast Employees

The safety of Sohobroadcast employees is key to ensuring the safety of each and every client therefore we have stringent work-place guidance to ensure that this is carried out. Should an employee of Sohobroadcast show any symptoms of COVID 19 outside of the workplace then they will not come to work and will follow the government guidance for self-isolation immediately. This also applies to any employee in which a member of their houses also shows symptoms.

Sohobroadcast has also implemented the recommended 2 meter social distancing within the workplace that will be enforced at all times and will be made clear by visual markers indicated on floors. For areas within the workplace that are too small for this distancing Sohobroadcast will be reducing the amount of staff present at any one time in these locations. Sohobroadcast is also advising all staff to avoid public transportation where possible and in the event where this is not possible all employees will be provided with facemasks and hand sanitizer for their commute.


Sohobroadcast Employee Working Environment

Sohobroadcast has ensured that its employees working environment is as safe as possible during the COVID 19 pandemic, in order to ensure this our staff will each be assigned their own personally working station. These will be marked with floor markings indicating the 2-meter social dictating guidance. Employee workstations that are within high touch locations within the building including door handles, hand rails and windows will cleaned twice a day once at the start and once at the end, and in between if deemed necessary. Each workstation will also be provided with hand sanitizer gel, which will also be provided in the client area, in the entrance and exit to the office. Facemasks will also be reproved to employees


Preparation And Checking Of Hired Equipment

Sohobroadcast has also implemented additional measures to ensure the preparation of all equipment for client rentals, is in accordance with government guidance. Sohobroadcast has always prided itself in ensuring a thorough and rigorous cleaning process after each higher, by ensuring that all of the kit is in immaculate condition. In light of the new guidance Sohobrodcast has stepped up this process by ensuring that kit is thoroughly sanitised in-between each hire. This will include the introduction of sanitation wipes and sprays and there will be extra emphasis on areas that are high touch locations. Such as touchscreens and buttons. In addition to the sanitisation of the kit each employee workstation and preparation areas will also be sanitised after each check-in process. The employees that will be handling this kit will have protective gloves, which will be replaced after each job.


Employee And Client Interactions

In order to ensure both the safety of our employees and our clients it is important to ensure that the social distancing guidance is followed when on our premises, to ensure everyone’s safety.

For all deliveries and collections from us clients and couriers will each be advised to remain in the client area at the front of the office this will be marked by tape and should not be crossed. Equipment can be dropped into this area and then collected with only one person being in the space at any one time. This will ensure the social distancing guidelines are correctly followed.

Should a client wish to enter the building who has not prior booked kit they will beclearly informed to remain in the client area as marked by markings on the floor. Then at a 2-meter distance they will be informed to fill out their requirements digitally and to email them across to hello@sohobroadcast.comthis prevents the use of paper and pen hire forms, which helps ensure both employee and clients safety, at all times.

As part of our refined interactions process with our employees and to help reduce the amount of people that will be coming into contact with the kit, Sohobroadcast can request that couriers don’t touch any part of the equipment, as staff will move the equipment from the premises directly to the couriers van completely unaided and instruct that the clients unload the kit at the other end without the courier having to touch any of the kit. The driver will be instructed to open the doors and then stand 2 meters away, until the kit is unloaded.



Sohobroadcast will constantly ensure that all of these measures are closely followed and regularly updated when needed. We hope that this will inspire the confidence and the trust needed to resume all of clients operations, with the threat that COVID-19 still poses.

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