Soho Broadcast



Soho Broadcast is an in-house facility that provides a fully featured file transfer, dub and duplication service in heart of Soho. Situated ideally for the local production and post-production facilities we can offer an ‘any-to-any’ professional transfer service.

We provide 4k, HD and SD standards conversion services using industry standard conversion equipment, with the majority of conversions having a same day turn around.

We Can Offer:

  • File frame rate conversion
  • Blu-Ray / DVD production
  • Tape to file
  • Duplication
  • Layoff file to tape
  • File conversion
  • Archiving of audio tapes
  • Archiving of tape formats

We also offer up and down conversion between 4k, 2k, HD and SD formats including aspect ratio conversion. If you have material in the wrong format for your edit or maybe you need to deliver in multiple formats for different 4k, 2k, HDTV standards, we can cross convert from any HD format to any other HD format. Frame sizes can be converted and frame rates, in progressive, PsF or interlace.


Tape formats we support for transfers include Digibeta, HDCAM, HDCAM SR, XDCAM, XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX, IMX, HDV, DVCAM, DV, VHS, DVCPro & DVCPro HD and HD-D5 as well as DVD & Blu-Ray disc formats. We also have facilities for transferring from older legacy formats including Beta SP, Betacam, D1, D3, VHS Hi8, Super8 and U-Matic.

For full details or to discuss a specific conversion, please email

We can standards convert between NTSC and PAL on all major professional formats allowing delivery for other television standards or ingestion of foreign material. We also offer more cost effective lower quality ‘viewing’ conversions ideal for viewing rushes, samples or preview copies.


Soho Broadcast can duplicate your media!

We can duplicate Blu-Ray/DVD discs, tapes and memory sticks. We offer full colour Blu-Ray/DVD printing with various options depending on the volume of discs to be created. Whatever format you have, and whatever quantity you need, we can do it. From single copies or dubs to 10,000 copies.

Discounts are available for bulk transfer jobs.


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