PA Portable 140W Speakers & Mixer System

£25 + VATPer day
£75 + VATPer week

This mobile 140w powered sound system unfolds in a mixer and 2 speakers which has multiple inputs and even has a usb socket, so the unit can play MP3s on-board.

The system is ideal for small seminars, presentations and musical performances.

Included in Kit

1x PA Portable 140W Speakers & Mixer System


140 watt mixer amplifier
2x 70W Watt Speakers

5x channel mixer
USB input for MP3 players
Full-ranged sound EZ lock system with butterfly clips for transportation
8 x 24-Bit DSP effects with adjustable parameters and levels
3-band EQ for channels 1-4
48V phantom power for CH1 to CH 3 suitable for condenser microphones

3x mic sockets (XLR and jack),
1x stereo (2 x jack)
1x MP3 (2 x phono) USB host for MP3 playback

RCA record output
2 jack speaker outputs

310(L) x 215(W) x 310(H) mm (Complete system)

14 kg (Complete system)